Wednesday, October 31, 2007


ok blogger is being crap and not letting me upload images tonight. ggrr

so yeah i put a banner up but it is too small. i will be e-mailing everyone the details. but incase you don't get my e-mail, the dimensions is 600 x 200 pixels at 72dpi. Make sure the colour mode is RGB and best save it as a jpeg. if you need help with saving or exporting files to jpeg from various programs just let me know. e-mail them all too me please.

well not much else to say really, other than everyone get blogging.
for the tech geeks like me if you want an animated banner you can make an animated .gif file. basic animation.

first post

this is the first post. check the stuff out below. by dan tobin smith. his photography is awesome and he has done a lot of type compositions. It is an interesting avenue to explore in typography.

ok i'm very tired so will set up everything else and add more stuff later.